About Bonnie & Bold

At Bonnie & Bold, we know you are the kind of adventurous person who wants to feel great about the space you inhabit. In order to feel that, you need to create a stylish environment. We're here to help you turn that vision into a reality with our stunning and inspiring range of bright and uplifting products.

We understand environment affects everything - your mood, the way you use rooms. That's why we've been helping 1000's of people create stylish, welcoming rooms. Our inspired collection helps you find your look, something that truly reflects you!

Here's how it works, simply explore our designs or custom request our personalised service, order online and sit back and relax. So you can stop putting up with shabby and start living in a chic, beautifully decorated room. Welcome to your stylish life.

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A little bit about me...

With a background in graphic design, I have always had a huge love for patterns, colour and all things visual. Once I qualified as a graphic designer, I began working in the printing industry and loved it so much that I decided to combine both and started my own printing business.

With ever advancing developments in printing technology and the versatility it offers, I could see that there was an opportunity to bring an exciting range of products to the home and interior market. We are all unique, as is our taste and I believe passionately in the importance of being able to express individuality and create an interior environment that truly reflects you.

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