A Q&A with Illustrator Extraordinaire Stacie Swift

A Q&A with Illustrator Extraordinaire Stacie Swift

29th May 2023

Hi Stacie, you recently used our Vibrant Illustrated Flowers in your hallway what do you think of it? It absolutely makes our day to see any content on your grid of our wall in the background!

I am so in love with our new wall! When we moved into our home it was entirely magnolia and we’ve very slowly been adding colour and making it feel more ‘us’ - this bright, colourful wall has been such a joy-bringer and ties in all of the different colours in our quite open-plan downstairs. Everyone who has visited has commented on how fab it looks! (Also extra points for being easy to put up ourselves!) 

You are a champion for self-care and wellbeing and use colour to bring joy (this is something we feel passionately about too). Why do you think colour is so important for mindset?

I think colour is such a mood-boosters and can really uplift the energy of a space. I love to be surrounded by bold colour and pattern; transforming boring, joyless rooms into spaces that are energising and fun definitely has a knock-on effect on my overall mood and mindset.

When applying our wallpaper you shared an amazing installation video. Can you tell us how you found the installation process? Any top tips?

This was our first time hanging any kind of wallpaper in our house and we were so impressed with the final result. My top tips would be:

  1. Do the prep work first - we made sure we measured up properly, loosened sockets etc
  2. Don’t be afraid to stick and unstick - we had to do some wiggling and readjustment to get things right
  3. Go slow and steady, I’m not a naturally patient person but it makes all of the difference!

Thanks so much for featuring as a key content creator in the Bonnie & Bold Panel of Inspiration Stacie! Stay tuned for an exciting collaboration we have with Stacie Swift launching soon at the Bonnie & Bold website...