Removable wallpaper - what is it & why is it so popular?

Removable wallpaper - what is it & why is it so popular?

18th Nov 2021

Removable wallpaper is high quality, self adhesive wallpaper that sticks and can be repositioned easily.

It is quickly becoming a very popular material for lots of homeowners and people in rented accommodation.

Advantages of removable wallpaper;

  1. You can install the wallpaper and then remove it without damaging the wall
  2. You don't have to use any special adhesives or removers in order to use it
  3. It makes an ideal solution for tenants that want to change the colour of their walls wishout doing any damage to them.

Removable wallpaper (also know as temporary or peel & stick wallpaper) is also really easy to install, and an inexpensive material, saving you a lot of time and money when installing.

Client Example - Removable Outer Space Wallpaper

If your child has grown out of the alphabet zoo wallpaper in their nursery you can replace it with more grown up themes such as a space featured wall for their bedroom! It's easy with removable wallpaper. This client swapped it for this exciting outer space wallpaper.