What is the difference between wallpaper and wall mural?

What is the difference between wallpaper and wall mural?

Posted by Becky on 6th Mar 2024

When it comes to home decoration, wallpapers and wall murals are popular choices. They add personality and style to any room, but deciding between the two can be challenging. Let's explore the differences and benefits of each to help you make the right choice for your home.

  1. Understanding Wallpaper and Wall Murals:
    • Wallpapers are versatile, typically with a pattern repeat of around 52 cm, and come in various materials like vinyl and paper.
    • Wall murals, on the other hand, are large pre-printed images, typically applied to one wall, that can transform a wall instantly.
  2. Installation Process:
    • Wallpapers require adhesive and careful application, working with a pattern repeat.
    • Wall murals come in pre-printed panels which are often numbered, making installation a breeze.
  3. Types of Designer Wallpaper:
    • Designer wallpapers offer options like pre-pasted and paste-the-wall varieties, catering to different preferences and ease of application.
    • Peel and stick wallpapers have gained popularity due to their simplicity in hanging.
  4. Characteristics of Wallpaper and Wall Murals:
    • Wallpapers are known for their seamless repeat patterns and come in rolls with multiple patterns to choose from.
    • Wall murals create striking focal points and are great for covering imperfections on walls.
  5. Choosing the Right Fit:
    • Consider factors like wall size, budget, and desired durability when choosing between wallpaper and wall murals.
    • Vinyl wallpaper offers durability, while paper wallpaper provides affordability and a wide range of designs.

Ultimately, the decision between wallpaper and wall murals depends on your preferences and the desired aesthetic for your home. Whether you opt for the timeless charm of wallpapers or the statement-making appeal of wall murals, both options can elevate your home's decor effortlessly.

By understanding the distinctions and benefits of each, you can confidently choose the perfect option to enhance your living space.